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Giving Value to the Feminine

Friday, December 6th, 2013

To the person who walked into a Portland bookstore and ordered 20 copies of Mothering from Your Center. THANK YOU. You’ve done more good than you know. Book stores and publishers pay attention to book numbers sold. It indicates worth. And when someone places an order like that, it conveys clear value for the book and the work. Bringing out Mothering from Your Center this past year has been a blessing and a challenge. So many readers of the book have reached out to give thanks for the medicine it contains. But it’s also shown me once again the divide between what we value as a culture and the creative potential in the female body. By default, mothering and all sacred realms of the feminine are devalued. And that’s not going to change until women themselves hold japh-windowtheir creative centers as precious and holy. To restore this medicine and knowledge, please buy and share these books. Write reviews, talk to friends, buy them as gifts for your sisters (thank you to those who have). More than a book about mothering, this book is about the potency of the spirit door within us. If we want our sons and daughters of the future to know the blessing of who they are–we must first know the blessing of the female body and the spirit door it contains. And to whoever walked into a Portland bookstore to order 20 copies of MFYC, from the depth of my mothering heart THANK YOU for this act to revive the feminine and give back its rightful value.