Holistic Pelvic Care™ for Providers: The Future of Women’s Health

Tami Lynn Kent created this advanced class for health care providers who desire to profoundly enhance their practice of women’s health. Providers may include naturopaths, NPs, midwives, physical therapists, chiropractors, oriental medicine practitioners, RNs and LMTs in some states (including Oregon). Recognizing that energetic and physical medicine is the future of women’s healthcare, this class content is based on the Holistic Pelvic Care practice that Tami has developed. It covers the female energy system and working with organ energies, the physical body & mapping internal pelvic tension patterns, and creative energies & trauma: restoring equilibrium in the pelvic space by working at the energy/body interface.

Topics will include working with the internal fascia to restore organ alignment and physical balance in the pelvic bowl, moving energies held in the pelvic space, and enhancing core creative vitality as a key to women’s wellness. Special topics will include creating energetic balance in the pelvic space during pregnancy (deepening the bond between mother/baby and preparing for childbirth), specific care for postpartum & postmiscarriage as well as techniques to address delivery traumas and bonding disruptions.

wf-new-coverThrough hands-on practice, case studies, and dynamic study you learn a variety of tools developed by Tami for addressing the pelvic care of your clients in a holistic manner. You will also learn how to enhance your creativity and replenish your own female energy system even as you provide care for others. You discover the medicine of the pelvic bowl for every day life, for healing, and as a portal for creativity and birthing. This work includes sacred energy medicine to tend and repair the feminine field; it will transform your own way of being.

“This work has been a call back home – back to my body, back to my source.”
Julie S., HPC Provider
“This class is equal parts class and ceremony. Thank you Tami for evoking the great feminine spirit in each of us.”
Maria M., HPC Provider

This workshop is an investment and one that will bring abundance to your practice because every woman can benefit from this work. Tami’s practice has a 1-2 month waiting list. Please join her if you are ready to infinitely expand your women’s health care tools! Tuition includes a Holistic Pelvic Care course manual.

Next Workshops: The next 4-day HPC Level 1 workshop is offered March 22-25, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. And special new offering: London, UK HPC Level 1 workshop June 27-30, 2018.

Tuition: $2025 if paid in full ($25 discount) OR $250 non-refundable deposit plus $1,800 two months prior to class ($2050 total). (London class tuition is $2000 with a $500 deposit).
Location: Portland, Oregon or London, UK
Registration: These classes are typically SOLD OUT! Registration for 2018 has begun. Please fill out the form below to be able to join one of these classes & note that a deposit is required to officially reserve your space.
CEUS: 27 CEUs available from Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine, Oregon Midwifery Council, and Oregon Board of Chiropractic.


Level II Holistic Pelvic Energy™ : The Energetics of Creativity

The body’s energy field is designed to manifest your creative potential–provided you know how to use it. Tami Lynn Kent created this new class to teach you energy-sensing tools for your personal life or working with clients to cultivate creative capacity, shift from patterns of scarcity to abundance, and follow the inspiration of an inner creative flow.

This workshop distills Tami’s experience of working with many thousands of women in the pelvic bowl as a women’s health physical therapist and energy reader. Tami will share what she has learned in harnessing the creative potential and refining essential patterns at this place where energy finds a physical form and our creations take shape.

Join this Level II advanced energy medicine class to learn these ground-breaking energy tools for transforming the unconscious energy patterns that otherwise continue to inform the boundaries of creative capacity in order to expand core creative potential and truly embody a soul-filled life.

Next Workshops: Special London, UK offering July 1-2, 2018
Tuition: $925 if paid in full ($25 discount) OR $250 non-refundable deposit plus $700 two months prior to class ($950 total).
Location: London, UK
Registration: Email to join the class. Note that a deposit is required to officially reserve your space.

What women are saying about Tami’s workshops:
Tami is an inspired speaker and teacher who creates great energy in the workshop. Andrea T

Tami’s teaching is compassionate, intuitive, logical, and inspiring––she teaches to the whole brain and whole body. Miriam D

Tami’s classes have an amazing integration of the energetic, intellectual, beauty, and story. Elena K

Tami’s workshop is everything I could have hoped for and more. She brings spirit, love, body & community together in a magical way. She inspires us, teaches us to raise our vibrations, and gives us the tools for everyday life. Janette C

Tami’s teaching is a direct connection to body, spirit and feminine energy. Holly C

Tami provides new tools for bringing connection and spirit into the body. Katie M

Tami embodies loving energy and presents healing wisdom in a grounded natural way. Marjorie G

Tami has an incredible body of knowledge and awareness that she shares so eloquently. We connected as a group of centered, powerful women and shifted. Denise M

Tami’s workshops are useful, energizing, creative and life-changing. Nicole S

Tami is channeling the divine and a true guide on this wild path. She is truly a wise woman. Cara J

In addition to understanding the authentic feminine, Tami teaches about the masculine’s potential for a healthy, beautiful expression. I wish Tami would create a university degree. Sophie M
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