holistic pelvic care
a unique approach pioneered by Tami to physically and energetically realign your pelvis.

As a woman, you are inherently creative. By attending to the physical and energetic alignment in your pelvic bowl, you can clarify and expand your creative potential so that this vibrant energy flows more freely in your body and all areas of your life. In her work as a women’s health physical therapist, Tami restores balance in the female pelvis to increase the strength of core muscles, enhance pelvic energetic vitality, improve sensation, provide support for infertility, recover from pregancy and childbirth, and reconnect to the beauty of the pelvic bowl.

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Holistic Pelvic CareTM
In her private practice as a women’s health physical therapist, Tami has pioneered a holistic approach to pelvic care that arises from her ability to listen respectfully and work authentically with the women she serves. Using a gentle intervaginal massage technique combined with restorative breathwork tools, Tami realigns your pelvis physically and energetically. This process, for all stages of a woman’s life, enhances the flow of pelvic organ energy and restores your pelvic bowl as the creative center of your female body.

Creative Vitality
Working with core balance and pelvic energy flow can assist you in times of transition (including menopause), accessing your joy, deepening your relationship to the feminine, and enhancing your overall creative vitality. For those clients out of the area, Tami offers phone sessions for energy alignment/clarity, birth field recalibration, and redesigning your life from the guidance of your core creative energy flow.

Tami Kent, MSPTPost-Partum Care
Tami offers a unique treatment for new mothers designed to revitalize the root after the birth of your baby. This treatment resolves post-partum symptoms such as pelvic pain, discomfort, or muscle weakness and greatly assists your overall healing. Women who have experienced trauma during childbirth find that restoring pelvic balance aids their recovery. Let yourself experience this nourishing treatment in the heart of your mothering place.

Healing for Miscarriage
If you have experienced a miscarriage, Tami’s pelvic care nourishes your center in a time of loss and honors the spirit who touched your womb.

Moms & Babies Bodywork
Trained in a birth trauma resolution process for infants developed by Dr. Sheila Murphy, Tami works with newborns and young children through hands-on bodywork. She also works with mama/baby pairs by tuning each of their energetic and physical bodies to assist their bonding, communication patterns, and overall understanding of one another.