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With the unique practice of Holistic Pelvic CareTM, Tami offers a profound physical/energetic alignment for your pelvis. It supports core vitality and holistic well-being that should be the basis of every woman’s health care. Also, with an ability to read the more subtle energetic layers of the creative field, Tami shares the personal information from your body/energy session that can help you gain greater access to your creative essence.

After 17 years of practice with thousands of women, Tami has refined this treatment into 2-4 sessions (as needed and depending on your body/desires). The pricing for these sessions is below and a valuable investment in your female & creative health. A recent client, J. Emmerson said, “I accomplished more results with Tami in one session than in three months of twice weekly appointments with another physical therapist.” This means that, due to demand, it can take time to get in to see Tami. If you need more immediate assistance, please see the additional resources page. If you have a history of trauma, please establish a current relationship with a counselor.

Tami’s practice is based in Portland, Oregon. Her office is located at 2325 East Burnside Street, Suite 200, on the second floor of a mauve turn-of-the-century house with a coffee shop in the front. Map It
She doesn’t work with insurance, but can provide a coded invoice that may or may not be reimbursed.

Phone Sessions:
Phone sessions are available for long-distance energy alignment of your creative field based on Tami’s book, Wild Creative. Tami created these sessions specifically to serve those clients who live beyond the Pacific Northwest and yet want access to the root wisdom within. The creative field contains the potent energy around the body that governs the creative flow in ones center and life. Sessions can focus on creative desires or challenges, past birth experiences, and alignment of the creative field for optimal flow. The process teaches you energy-sensing meditations that can be used in the future to strengthen your creative abilities. Tami reads your field to help you download essential energy medicine for building your creative dreams and discovering where your untapped potential lies.

Fees (approximate times):
Package for first two appointments (1 hr initial session + 40 min follow-up): $355 total (due at first session, by check or credit card)
Any additional follow-ups (20-35 min): $145-160
Returning clients (within 1 year) re-eval (45 min): $175
Out-of-town extended (75 min): $255
Phone energy sessions (55 min): $225

It can take 1-2 months to get in to see Tami, but sometimes she also has cancelations and we do our best to schedule you quickly. Please only fill out the form below if you are ready to make an appointment with Tami.

In the meantime, begin reading Wild Feminine, sign up for Tami’s e-newsletter, and find additional providers.

Want to get started now? Pick up a copy of Tami’s book, Wild Feminine, and learn about the healing potential within your body.
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