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Mothering the Sacred Masculine

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Here I am, mother of boys, keeping watch on these two little specks in the distance as they joyfully throw themselves in the waves. I was talking with my friend boyswater2photo-300x300-2about the unique place a mother of sons has in making the future men of the world. I thought of all she’s done as a woman and mother that has created thousands of beneficial imprints for her son, and the man he’s becoming. I felt great hope for the future in this one mothering piece that largely goes unnoticed, except for by other mothers like me. I know what she’s given and how it matters greatly. And then so many other great mothers of sons came to mind. I thought of these mothers and their sons as I watched these boys in the ocean. Such peace and happiness I felt knowing so many mothers are there keeping watch, channeling the sacred if their own way, blessing the men of the future.

On the Road with Wild Feminine

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

storefront2From BookPeople in Moscow, Idaho, to Lucy’s Books in Astoria, Oregon, and Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, Washington–independent bookstores have been inviting Wild Feminine onto their shelves and into their communities. I’ve often felt the magic of my own neighborhood bookstore, Powell’s on Hawthorne, when I passed through their aisles and an unexpected book caught my eye as if it had something to teach me. Now, placing Wild Feminine into bookstores around the northwest, I see how bookstores hold space for written works so that their readers may find them. A heartfelt thanks to these independents whose work is often more service than profit. Give a gift from your own local bookstore and help these meeting places thrive.

Powell’s Books Guest Blog by Tami

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

powells-readingIf joy can be distilled into moments, one of them for me was reading last spring the words of Wild Feminine at Portland’s Powell’s Books with two of my sons in the front row of a full and receptive audience. Powell’s is one of their favorite places and I was reading Daughters & Sons, one of their favorite stories in the book, so it scored some serious points for me in their eyes. Points are handy in a house with three young boys. I swear they listened to me for at least two weeks. I write about this reading and the collective voice that inspired Wild Feminine as a guest blogger for Powell’s.

Tami Kent Coast Radio Interview

Monday, August 10th, 2009

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With no television in our home, radio is a cherished way of connecting to the world. Listening to NPR’s Terry Gross give an interview is it’s own form of poetry. In July, I was interviewed by Carol Newman on Coast Commmunity Radio in Astoria, Oregon, just prior to a reading at Lucy’s Books. In an old victorian house located high on a hill, the windows of Coast Community Radio overlook the wide stretch of the Columbia River just before it meets the Pacific Ocean. On a clear July day, when Astoria looks every bit like San Francisco, Carol and I talked together about the journey and inspiration of Wild Feminine. We had a lovely conversation that you can listen in on at the link above.