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Giving Value to the Feminine

Friday, December 6th, 2013

To the person who walked into a Portland bookstore and ordered 20 copies of Mothering from Your Center. THANK YOU. You’ve done more good than you know. Book stores and publishers pay attention to book numbers sold. It indicates worth. And when someone places an order like that, it conveys clear value for the book and the work. Bringing out Mothering from Your Center this past year has been a blessing and a challenge. So many readers of the book have reached out to give thanks for the medicine it contains. But it’s also shown me once again the divide between what we value as a culture and the creative potential in the female body. By default, mothering and all sacred realms of the feminine are devalued. And that’s not going to change until women themselves hold japh-windowtheir creative centers as precious and holy. To restore this medicine and knowledge, please buy and share these books. Write reviews, talk to friends, buy them as gifts for your sisters (thank you to those who have). More than a book about mothering, this book is about the potency of the spirit door within us. If we want our sons and daughters of the future to know the blessing of who they are–we must first know the blessing of the female body and the spirit door it contains. And to whoever walked into a Portland bookstore to order 20 copies of MFYC, from the depth of my mothering heart THANK YOU for this act to revive the feminine and give back its rightful value.

Mothering with the Feminine

Friday, February 1st, 2013

This summer, I stayed with my youngest son for fourteen days in the hospital after a ruptured appendix. We celebrated his fifth birthday there on the summer solstice. As a healer, I knew that his body mind and spirit would also require extended healing beyond the urgent care period. The busyness of life tends to move on, but I have always viewed illnesses with my children as times of retreat.418625_466663116685385_227253617_n And so we deepened into the experience with extra rest, consultations with our naturopath, and daily power berry smoothies that we created specifically for his healing (see the recipe in my upcoming book: Mothering from Your Center). He and I traveled to Seattle by train several times to see a bodywork specialist trained in the Barral method of Visceral Manipulation (to restore full vitality to the organs). We found an amazing Thai restaurant, stepped into the sense of adventure that train travel invites, and relished our time spent together in this intimate way. This is the way of mothering with the feminine.

Finding the Rhythm of Summer

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

It has been an expansive summer, where the days stretched out wide before us. In that expanse, my sons did not always know what to do with themselves. Though we all eagerly anticipated the lazy days of summer, when it arrived the transition from the scheduled days of school, music lessons, and soccer was a little bumpy. It was tempting to fill the summer days with activities to keep the energy highly organized, but what we needed was a break from routine. The only way to fully make a transition is to move through the discomfort zone. I know this from working in the body, but here it was in the body of my family. The more I met the complaints and struggle with the calm of the cedar tree outside my window, the more these waves dissipated. Until, about three weeks into summer, an organic rhythm began to arise. The boys found their pocket knives, and began to carve wood. They made music, took pictures, made their own movie. We incorporated the hilarious lines of Portlandia into our daily adventures and embarked on a few road trips. But mostly we settled in to the wide open days of summer and the expanse of unplanned time.

How to Love Your Beauty

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Today, as I walked my son home from preschool, a man caught my eye. He was likely in his eighties, stooped over and shaped by the effects of time on the body. Yet his energy was full and robust. His eyes glowed, a gentle smile spread across his lips. I couldn’t help but notice his radiance, emanating from the energy of his center. “We are so blessed,” he said to me as my son raced by on his bike. Yes, we are. May we always have eyes that can see this.

When a woman comes to me for help in balancing her creative center, I see the radiance of her potential that goes beyond the visual field. Each person is a unique imprint of beauty. With our increasing access to computers and visual media, we must remember that “seeing” is more than what we can sense with our eyes. Remembering this deeper sight will ensure that stereotypical modes of beauty will take less hold instead of more, and we’ll be able to strengthen our core beauty no matter our age or means.

With my sons, I invite them to close their eyes and feel or sense the energy within. I want them to have just as strong a connection with this internal place as they do with the external realm. I want them to know their own beauty and potential so fully that the outer world becomes a place to give expression to this beauty rather than an attempt at validation. We are sacred. We are beautiful. Each one of us. And the more we know and love this beauty, the more it grows into something we can share with the world.

Wild Feminine blessing: May you know and love your beauty.

From Spirit to Body: Bringing in the Feminine

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

In our mother’s womb we transform from spirit to body; we embody our sacred energy. I discovered this potential while pregnant with my second son, after a very mystical experience with miscarriage. I felt the energy of this new pregnancy coming to me from a far away place. If it weren’t for my miscarriage, which had taught me that the female body is the doorway where we come in, I might have missed this miracle occurring in my center. And still it was my body that helped me tune in.

I was busy rushing about my daily activities, and the early pregnancy nausea increased. Instead of pushing through the discomfort, I felt guided to lay down and open myself to receive the energy of my baby. As I relaxed my body and focused on receiving, my energy field softened and I could feel his spirit energy beaming in from a distant star. Though nausea often accompanies the early pregnancy period, it is also a sign to clear the tension in the body and the energy field that might block the transmission of spirit energy.

In the same way, we are preparing for a transmission of energy into our world as we complete the last phase of a 26,000 year cycle recorded by the Maya calendar. This last phase began this spring and will finish on December 21, 2012. The cosmic bodies will align at this time, opening a portal to transmit new energy potentials and initiate a rebirth of consciousness. Some of the present day challenges represent the work that is required to transform ourselves. To receive this new energy in your life, begin now to tune into your center and realign from there. Clear the tension patterns on all levels and open to receive the blessings of this cosmic conception and rebirth.

Wild Feminine blessing: May we all remember our sacred beginnings and bring this light in to transform our lives.

Prayer: A Sound Vibration to the Spirit Realm

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

“Prayer is a sound vibration that goes out to the spirit realm”, says one of my teachers, Rosita Arvigo. A prayer can be as simple as an intention spoken from the heart. I have used blessings as a way to smooth the energy of each day and attune with the bounty of my life. I use it to calm a child in the midst of an emotional storm and to calm my own energy when I am distressed. I say a blessing in my work, when I’m sitting with a woman who is registering a deep loss. I take my sons to the beach, make a fire and drum, teaching them that attending to the spirit realm is as necessary for the soul as breath for the body.

Wild Feminine blessing: One prayer is worth more than a thousand worries. What will your prayer be?

Be Love

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

As we look to the still unfolding events in Japan, we are reminded of how much our collective fates are intertwined at a global level. We are also reminded how quickly our fate can change and how vulnerable we can feel when faced with the unknown. I’ve sat with women in my work as they’ve weathered the loss of a baby or pregnancy, moved through divorce, been puzzled by infertility, wrestled with a cancer diagnosis, faced past trauma. I began writing Wild Feminine after witnessing the collective trauma response of physical and energetic discord in the pelvic bowl after 9/11. There was a common pattern of high pelvic guarding and fear in each woman that I saw on the day after 9/11. In this life, we often can’t predict what we’ll meet. But we can remember that fear in the body disrupts the energy flow and leaves a person feeling unmoored. Knowing that we will experience fear, we can bring breath to these trembling cells. We can focus on what we are thankful for, and what we love, to restore the flow in the center that will better equip us to meet whatever is in front of us in the present moment.

Wild Feminine blessing: Fear disrupts the energy flow, while love realigns it to full radiance. Be love.

Opening to the Mystery

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

In every moment we have the choice to open our energy to the mystery around us or close in reaction to stress or a challenge that presents itself. Each day there are opportunities to strengthen our connection to the mystery by opening to the flow of energy in our own centers. The events of life unfold as they will. By being aware of the protective tendency to contract and choosing instead to open ourselves, we can take in more of the air, the light, and the beauty that is present right in the moment. By opening in this way to the touch of spirit, we can receive comfort, healing, inspiration or whatever sustenance may be there to feed us in body and soul.

Wild Feminine blessing: May you open to the mystery within and around you, like the body responding to the sounds of bird song.

Say Yes to Your Beauty

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

In the absence of the feminine, we love ourselves only when we are good enough or do enough. But then our worth becomes conditional and we fall prey to the highs and lows of our own productivity and the external validation from others. There is a more sustaining option. We instead can restore our connection to the feminine and receive this love that we desire unconditionally. By restoring our connection to the feminine we find that our value is inherent. We draw from a deeper source that will feed us even when we are in a cycle of rest or non-doing. The balance between doing and non-doing, with value held as inherent, is essential in a sustainable model where the feminine and masculine energies are in alignment.

Wild Feminine blessing:  Say yes to your beauty and this feminine current will surge through your body and into every moment of the day.

A Celebration of the Wild Feminine

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The world is shifting and the feminine is rising–yet how do we tap into the power of the feminine when all of our old structures and even the energy patterns in our bodies and daily lives are running with an absence of feminine energy? I’ve spent the past decade working with the female body and the pelvic bowl as a women’s health physical therapist and wrote Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body to answer this question.

Reconnecting Spirit and Body
The essential task is to repair the connection between spirit and body and restore the flow of divine energy in our own creative centers. In restoring the flow of this abundant energy, not only are we more deeply nourished but we can direct this potential to reinvent our modern lives in soul-filled ways.

Wild Feminine Blessings
One of the most effective ways to repair and restore the body/spirit connection is to bless ourselves. Blessings align and enhance our energetic field and draw helpful energies to us. With this healing potential in mind, and to celebrate the publication/birth of the book today, I offer this first in a series of Wild Feminine blessings:

Take your creative dreams
Place them in the deeper currents,
Where your body meets spirit–
And they will become real.