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Mothering the Sacred Masculine

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Here I am, mother of boys, keeping watch on these two little specks in the distance as they joyfully throw themselves in the waves. I was talking with my friend boyswater2photo-300x300-2about the unique place a mother of sons has in making the future men of the world. I thought of all she’s done as a woman and mother that has created thousands of beneficial imprints for her son, and the man he’s becoming. I felt great hope for the future in this one mothering piece that largely goes unnoticed, except for by other mothers like me. I know what she’s given and how it matters greatly. And then so many other great mothers of sons came to mind. I thought of these mothers and their sons as I watched these boys in the ocean. Such peace and happiness I felt knowing so many mothers are there keeping watch, channeling the sacred if their own way, blessing the men of the future.

Creating at the Edge

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

NickstudiophotoWhy did I invite a 14-year-old to create the music for my new book trailer? My son Nick is a talented musician. But beyond valuing his musical ability, I encourage him to take creative risks. I challenge him to follow his inspiration and bring his music into new areas, playing songs that stretch his ability without thinking too much about how he sounds. I want him to experiment with creative energy and let that influence what he makes, without the critical voice limiting his form. This is why I asked him to create the music for the book trailer video for Wild Creative. He began by feeling the essence of the video and creating a series of chord progressions. Then we went into a recording studio, with a professional musician guiding the process, and laid down a keyboard track, an acoustic guitar, and finally an electric guitar track. Step by step, he matched the tone of the music with the visual expression. I went into the process trusting whatever he would create, but also not knowing how he would handle being creative in this way. My favorite part of creativity is working with (or witnessing) the energy without knowing what will happen––that’s when the real beauty unfolds. Seeing Nick that day in the studio was a proud mama moment. I was proud of what he created, but I was even more proud that he could stand at the creative edge and make his music from that place.

Giving Value to the Feminine

Friday, December 6th, 2013

To the person who walked into a Portland bookstore and ordered 20 copies of Mothering from Your Center. THANK YOU. You’ve done more good than you know. Book stores and publishers pay attention to book numbers sold. It indicates worth. And when someone places an order like that, it conveys clear value for the book and the work. Bringing out Mothering from Your Center this past year has been a blessing and a challenge. So many readers of the book have reached out to give thanks for the medicine it contains. But it’s also shown me once again the divide between what we value as a culture and the creative potential in the female body. By default, mothering and all sacred realms of the feminine are devalued. And that’s not going to change until women themselves hold japh-windowtheir creative centers as precious and holy. To restore this medicine and knowledge, please buy and share these books. Write reviews, talk to friends, buy them as gifts for your sisters (thank you to those who have). More than a book about mothering, this book is about the potency of the spirit door within us. If we want our sons and daughters of the future to know the blessing of who they are–we must first know the blessing of the female body and the spirit door it contains. And to whoever walked into a Portland bookstore to order 20 copies of MFYC, from the depth of my mothering heart THANK YOU for this act to revive the feminine and give back its rightful value.

Women’s Health: A New Potential

Friday, June 1st, 2012

For the past decade, I’ve been witnessing the future of women’s health in my office. The combination of physical medicine, from my background as a women’s health physical therapist, with the energy tools I’ve developed by working closely with the female body is a potent combination. I’ve had women travel from across the country to receive care with extraordinary results in addressing chronic issues and restoring vitality. The absence of holistic tools in mainstream medicine is most evident in women’s health where the true needs of the pelvic bowl are hardly addressed. This is illustrated by new reports of the pitfalls of pelvic surgery and the inadequacy of PaP exams for preventing or addressing pelvic issues.

What the pelvic bowl needs is good alignment in the organs and muscles, vibrant chi–or energy–and blood flow (which enhances cellular health and hormonal circulation), and a woman who is in touch with this powerful core energy to guide her life and give expression to her creative dreams. I am blessed to sit with women every week, assisting them in vibrant pelvic health and a relationship with the potential in their bodies. I am delighted to share this potential with other healers as I teach Holistic Pelvic Care to a growing list of dynamic providers. In France, women receive 10-20 state-sponsored sessions of pelvic physical therapy for basic postpartum care (see article).  I look forward to the day when women around the globe have access to physical & energetic medicine for cultivating a radiant pelvic bowl as routine care. Now that will be a sign of progress for the wild feminine!

Raising the Joy

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

At the lunar new year, I make a list of my five to seven creative goals for the year. I’ve been doing this for twelve years, and the practice of committing focus and attention to my creative energy has produced a wealth of creative abundance. When we begin taking the power of our own energy seriously, meaning that we recognize the ability we have to energize and co-create our lives, the magic begins. Setting intentions for our creativity is not the same as rigidly controlling the events or situations we encounter, rather it is opening to the energy potential in every moment of each day. One gem has emerged from my ritual of deliberating cultivating my creative essence: to have joy means to energize the joy in our lives. Where is your joy? What do you love about your life and this very moment? Focus on joy, seek joy, raise the energy vibration of joy in every day and you will find yourself living a joy-filled life.

Be Where You Are

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I went to a reading by beloved author Anne Lamott and was moved by her honesty and raw wisdom. She spoke about teenagers and how much risk they are taking these days. An audience member asked if there was anything we could do to reclaim our influence in their lives. Anne paused and suggested that perhaps we need to become the adults who they might want to some day be instead of the busy and harried ones that we are. Poems are prayers for me. Walking home in the rain, I wrote this poem/prayer for myself and my sons.

Be Where You Are
Whether sunlight streams through the window
or the rain drops down,
be where you are.

At times you will be weary
confounded by mixed signals or crossed signs.
Reaching and striving
will produce only dead ends.

So be where you are
back in your center
where there is always
air and light
time and peace
and possibility.

Leave the phone calls
and the work load
worries, conflicts, and expectations
lying where they may
and be where you are.

There with the crying child
or the laundry pile
and the nascent hopes and dreams.
Whether lonely and afraid
or simply noticing the spaces
in between thoughts and words and actions.

Just be where you are
with your breath in and out
and the beauty in front of eyes that see.
With potential in your hands reaching out
and your heart open again to this mystery.

Wild Feminine blessing: May the light shine wherever you are.

Say Yes to Your Beauty

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

In the absence of the feminine, we love ourselves only when we are good enough or do enough. But then our worth becomes conditional and we fall prey to the highs and lows of our own productivity and the external validation from others. There is a more sustaining option. We instead can restore our connection to the feminine and receive this love that we desire unconditionally. By restoring our connection to the feminine we find that our value is inherent. We draw from a deeper source that will feed us even when we are in a cycle of rest or non-doing. The balance between doing and non-doing, with value held as inherent, is essential in a sustainable model where the feminine and masculine energies are in alignment.

Wild Feminine blessing:  Say yes to your beauty and this feminine current will surge through your body and into every moment of the day.

Creative Cycles: Moving in Sync with the Seasons

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Our creative energy moves in cycles–alternating between the movements toward an inner deepening and an outward expansion. Though we tend to focus on the more visible and outer creative periods, the inner cycles are essential for making our best work and vitally important in our creative process.This past year has been part of an internal cycle for me. With Wild Feminine being picked up by a major publisher, I sat with the book once more to better reflect the profound nature of the female body. In the next version of Wild Feminine, each section has been expanded to include more information about how to align the creative energy in the center. Aligning the core energy and working with natural creative cycles provides the healing potential, the creative vibrancy, and the guidance for applying this ancient feminine energy to our modern lives. In doing so, we move in sync with a seasonal flow.

Joy in the Bowl

Monday, November 30th, 2009

What do you hold in your bowl? The female body is powerful: what we hold in our center we manifest in our lives. What we hold in our center, we see reflected in the world. When a woman struggles, whether in regards to her relationships, her career, or her own sense of self, she often focuses on her worries or her pain. Her creative energy stagnates. If instead she will ask, “What do I want?” and moves towards this notion, she is more likely to plant seeds of hope that will take shape in her life. Holding joy in the bowl means focusing on desires and intentions rather than fears. While day to day living has its share of struggle, joy in the bowl always inspires the soul.