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Creative Cycles: Moving in Sync with the Seasons

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Our creative energy moves in cycles–alternating between the movements toward an inner deepening and an outward expansion. Though we tend to focus on the more visible and outer creative periods, the inner cycles are essential for making our best work and vitally important in our creative process.This past year has been part of an internal cycle for me. With Wild Feminine being picked up by a major publisher, I sat with the book once more to better reflect the profound nature of the female body. In the next version of Wild Feminine, each section has been expanded to include more information about how to align the creative energy in the center. Aligning the core energy and working with natural creative cycles provides the healing potential, the creative vibrancy, and the guidance for applying this ancient feminine energy to our modern lives. In doing so, we move in sync with a seasonal flow.